Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

We find programmers who learned “all you need to know” about Java or C++ years ago. They’re fully self-sufficient programmers, not needing any “help” from pair programming or TDD. They don’t really need unit tests because their code “always works.” They reached a level of professionalism that held them above their peers. And they stopped. […]

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Don’t Be Underhanded

Keeping with chapter 1, the Proverbs tell us to be careful about the company we keep. In particular, the Proverbs tell us to seek wisdom and instruction, and stay away from the sneaky, the violent, the cold-hearted, the flatterer, and the foolish.  As developers, this remains good advice.  We should not work for the foolish, […]

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The author is a Christian who has become fascinated with the application of scriptural wisdom to the art and craft of software development.  Expect this blog to be a little preachy and a lot geeky.  But you don’t have to be any of those to be a welcome visitor.